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An exclusive track off of the compilation release "The Sound Of You Milwaukee" from Top Five Records.

Stream the rest of the track via Milwaukee Record:



released 17 April 2014
Myles Coyne: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jordan Maye: Mandolin, Electric Guitar (rhythm)
Victor Buell IV: Electric Guitar (lead)
Tim Stone: Drums
Alex Shah: Bass



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Track Name: Empire
aka "The Empire Strikes Back aka writing songs is easy aka I hand a turtle, i had a guitar case, I had a small town."

I'm spending all the money that I don't have on drinks I never get.
I never said I was a model for how my brothers or cousin should live.
My friend said "Climb the mountain. At the top, there is a star, and maybe we could level up!?"
I told him "Fuck the mountain" cause at the bottoms where it's at!

Run through the meadows of an foreign land, through the Misty Mountains, where you can see the sea...
(Well my piano's got a broken D sharp, a broken C and E, and don't forget the "D")
If you just run fast enough we can race the beacon's, or maybe you'll just die.
I suggest that you grab a flashlight. Do you have a rifle?

Does it ever let up? Does the sky ever part, and do you think that I'll get the chance to see the day like this agin?
Does it ever let go? Does the sea ever part, and do you thin there is really a God. Do we get the chance to talk it out?

I don't know!